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I write this short note only to convey a plea of personal note with national interests in mind and with substantial consequences if granted. And short it is – I do understand, that You, Sir, are a very busy man – all that business of rather unconvincingly and presently fruitlessly attempting to shove the interests of City of London down European Union’s throat. With all its cheesegraters and cucumbers – not even taking heed at the latter being much easier on the throat than the former.

Please, dear Mr. Cameron, give us our criminals back. I do not mean the small scum we have been – I will admit, slightly heartlessly – exporting to Your welcoming country. For one it would be difficult to find and deport all of them for the number swells almost to 100,000 (according to some estimates). On a more selfish note, we quite enjoy the decrease in petty crime on our streets and of accidents on our roads since the small scum left. Naturally, some of it seems to be coming back – though I would not ask You to do anything about that either.

Please, Mr. Cameron, we would like our financial criminals back. We wish to put them on trial and, if they were subject to be found guilty, to jail.

It is a strange twist of fate that led Mr. Antonov and Mr. Baranauskas to flee for London and fight extradition there for it is our justice system that is supposed to be easily corruptible by wealthy criminals like these – us being the Eastern Europe and all. In the wake of a couple local banks going bust – strangely, not because of the global financial crisis but gross misconduct being the cause – our criminals booked tickets not to their favourite Moscow, but to Your country’s hospitable capital, London.

I fear Mr. Antonov and Mr. Baranauskas might only be the early birds. It was an odd wave of gossip in the press mentioning the same flight destination to be that of Mr. Romanov – I would not put anything past the possibility of Your kind nation acquiring another one of our fine local criminal specimens.

Even though they tend to eventually end up in Moscow anyway – making me sincerely wonder about whatever they are doing in London in the first place – I do not think London Heathrow Airport would lose much money on the price difference between LHA-DME and LHA-VNO. That difference would be a small price to pay for justice to be properly served, I hope You would agree.

I wish to end with a warning – although intelligent men (such as yourself) might find it unnecessary and excessive and the message in it rather obvious. I am acutely aware of the fact that criminals of such nature might look similar to some small top percentage of 300,000+ workers of the aforementioned City of London. Be not deceived I say, for they truly are of ill intent and cannot bring nothing good to otherwise fair Great Britain.

Yours Truly,

Leonas Vaitiekus Lenokas,
Vilnius, Lithuania.